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I’m super excited to share with you my first Monthly Favorites video! Every month I’ll bring you my top five favorite thrift finds. I hope this motivates you to go to your local thrift store and find some amazing things to add your wardrobe!

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A Closer Look

1. Vintage Neiman Marcus Dress Coat


2. South American Stunner


3. Vintage Givenchy Suit


4. Vintage Levis Jean Jacket


5. Vintage Talbot’s Midi Skirt



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My First Feature!!!

My first blogger feature goes live tomorrow; insert happy dance here!!!!!  I have to give a HUGE thanks to Alessa over at for this tremendous honor! I met her on the Lucky Contributor network; she was reaching out to other bloggers to feature on her blog, I sent her my information and the rest is soon to be my first feature history! And now I can officially say I have made my first blogger friend! A feature is such a big deal!!!! I am beyond flattered that another blogger wants to feature me on their blog. In a industry of people pushing themselves, she took the time to feature my work to her readers and it means so much to me! I am truly humbled and filled with so much gratitude.

When your a new blogger, its a 24/7 job getting your blog out there. I mean you just can’t create the blog a will people to read it. Well I guess you can, and you may get a few readers but if you are trying to make this your full time job, you have to hit the pavement and sell you; you gotta hustle. That’s why this feature means so much to me. It’s a chance to grow my audience and connect with new people. And that is what this business is about. One of the first things I learned is that building solid relationships is how you grow and advance in this business. Not just relationships with brands; but clearly as a blogger those are the relationships you want to have, but the relationships with my readers and other bloggers. Those are the relationships that are the most important. Without people reading my blog, what brands are going to want to work with me? But relationship building is something that I learned how to do many years ago as an actress, yes I am an actress! It was never my auditions that got me the job; but I have to say when I go in for an audition I kill it, but it was the relationships I built with other directors and actors who referred me to other directors who were looking for actors. To this day, it’s how I still book 60 percent my jobs.

I’m so excited I can’t stand it and tomorrow can’t come soon enough for me! No matter where I go as a blogger, I will never forget my first feature!

I’m hoping this is just the first of many features, but if I never get another one, I am beyond happy!

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Sweater Weather


20141123_161214[1] 20141123_161411[1]


Its officially that time of year; sweater weather. Since I am not the biggest fan of coats, I rely heavily on thick sweaters to keep me warm when I am out and about. I picked this one up on sale at J.C. Penny’s during the summer and couldn’t wait until the weather got cool enough of me to wear it. Its super comfy and I’m a sucker for anything over-sized so it was perfect. I’m loving the contrast of colors; the navy and ocean blue

Can I talk about this bag for a second? I ordered it from DSW and  it has quickly become my favorite!


Get the Look:

Sweater: J.C.Penny’s (no longer available) Similar look found here

Shoes: Altuzzura for Target  (no longer available)

Jeans: Arizona (I DIY’ed the rips) Similar look found here

Bag: Danielle Nicole Alexander (sold out in this style and color) Similar look found here

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Little Fish. Big Pond.

Little Fish. Big Pond.

That’s how this feels. I’m in a endless see of fashion bloggers trying to gain my footing and find my place. I really had to think about this though. I was scared that I wouldn’t be good enough or people would think it was silly. I started my IG page and when I would take my pictures, I would have my head cut off, scared someone out there in world would recognize my face and let my secret out. The more I posted pictures of my daily outfits, the more I wanted to share the story behind why I chose to style the pieces the way I did. I felt that just taking pictures and letting you know where I got my items from wasn’t enough. See for a woman, there is always a story behind why we choose to wear what we wear; it can be a long story or a short story, but there is always a story and with every post I made, the more I wanted to share the story.

So the idea of starting a blog danced in my head and I worked on building my site. I had no idea how to build one, so YouTube became my best friend; still is my best friend. I am constantly watching videos of uploaded blogger conferences trying to get more in the know about this world. I told myself that I would make my first blog post once I reached 100 IG followers, you know to celebrate; using it as a sign that starting this blog was a good idea, but as the days went on waiting to hit that magic number, I was getting more and more anxious, more and more ready to share the story behind my outfit choices.

The day of my very first post, I was going to lunch with my best friend and wearing a chambray button down, jeans, red pumps and this amazing red blazer. He commented on how much he liked the blazer and kept calling me “The Lady in Red” and the second he said that it clicked. I went home that evening, grabbed my tablet and asked my son to take a few pictures of me in our back yard. I had written the entire post in 30 min and hit “publish post”! I was so excited and proud of myself that I had taken the leap. And now that I have jumped of the cliff, I can’t climb back up and trust me, I have tried a few times; this is all so new to me, but I am slowly gaining my footing and trying to find my voice in this world.

I am starting this diary to see my growth while I take this journey; a way of looking back to see all that I have accomplished. I have not idea where this is going to lead me but I am excited to find out and I’m glad you are along for the ride!

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Love the skin your in/Borrowed from the little boys

As I was going through the photos for this post, I was taken a back at how big my midsection looked. I’m quite sure I am not the only woman to look at a picture of themselves and immediately tear it apart. Question, why do we do that anyway??? You think that you look amazing in something only to see a photo of you later and think “What the hell?!?!” I knew I had put on a few pounds over the last few months; I stopped working out and I haven’t exactly been watching what I eat but looking at the photos I found I put on a little more than I thought. For the past few days, I had been going through the pictures trying to find a picture, any picture that in my mind camouflaged my midsection; I was having no such luck. To say I was dreading putting this post together would be an understatement. I actually thought about not posting the pictures at all and creating a flat-out of my outfit to use instead or just scraping the post altogether. I am new to the world of fashion blogging and though I am doing this as a hobby, one day I hope to make a bit of money from it, so this is my resume. There is no hiding, its there for the world to see and I want everything to be perfect and I felt these pictures weren’t perfect. I though in my mind “What brand would want you showing off their clothes with your tummy hanging out?” I was embarrassed of what my body looked like and letting the world see what I viewed as a flaw. I wondered what people would think and even more scary to me say.

I sat at my computer for the better part of an hour picking thorough the photos that in my mind showed my tummy look somewhat small and went to work in Photoshop slimming down my midsection the quick and easy way. Now I could have posted the pictures in their edited altered state but a feeling came over me. If I posted these pictures, I would not be showing the world my true self. Am I really going to say to the world that I don’t think I look good enough? If I did it this time, I would have to always alter my body on all the photos I post. I would have to keep up this image of perfection that I know is not reality. And if I was lucky enough to be approached by a brand to show off their clothes, my secret would be exposed!

I find myself comparing myself to other women. Their bodies, their hair, their clothes and I had to think to myself, “Where the hell does it all end?!?!” I make one change and then see something else I want to change and something else and something else and how long am I going to chase what I feel is perfection? When am I going to see that I am perfect just the way I am? How can I ask others to be comfortable being them and I’m not comfortable with being me? So I decided to not post the Photo-shopped photos and post them as is.

You are looking at the real me, the un-retouched me, the me with flaws, the me with fears. What you see is what you get and I am OK with that; well not quite OK with it, but will be! I’m human and the perfection in that, is that there is no perfection; its OK to be just you! This is me, take it or leave it. Guess what world, I’m not perfect and I make mistakes but that’s what makes me, me and if just one person reads this post an see’s themselves in me and finds comfort in their skin, I have done my job.

And from here on out, all of my photos will be un-retouched. If you see a lump or bump, hey that’s me lol! I am a REAL person with imperfections and I need to see the beauty in them. And I hope you see the beauty in yours!

I challenge every other blogger to post some of their un-retouched photos; let’s start a movement among all the other movements women have celebrating the flaws and embracing them!

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IMG_0373 IMG_0357IMG_0348


I LOVE the clothes Target sells for boys, especially the shirts! I am constantly shopping that section to make sure my little has an unlimited stock of cool graphic tees and crisp button downs in his closet. While browsing the clearance rack for shirts for him, I came across this little number and I not only had to get this for him, I needed it for myself. I found the largest size they had and went to the nearest dressing room; said a few “Please God” prayers on my way there, to see if this shirt would fit. And to my luck, it fit, HALLELUJAH!!! Just enough of the combination fitted-looseness I like in my shirts.

I paired my top with some black cropped fit pants and some heels for a chic-relaxed look.

Tip: When shopping in the boy’s section, start with the largest size they offer and work your way down until you find the fit you like! My shirt is a boy’s size XL and it fits like a women size Small on me.


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P.S. Thank you Target for making boy’s clothing that I can fit and so cool I wanna to wear; I bow down to thee!

Shirt by Shawn White for Target

Pants by Walmart (no longer available) Simlar look, style here

Shoes by Report Signature

Window Pane





I thrifted this sweater during the summer and was immediately drawn to the print. I brought it not knowing that this pattern is super trendy right now; just goes to show you that “What was once old is new again!” If you follow me on IG, you saw me style this sweater for my #whatiwouldwear series during the summer. I’ve worn it a few times since then and its supper comfy-cozy and quickly is becoming one of my favorites.

While on a thrift trip earlier this week, I found this NWT Liz Claiborne pencil skirt with a smaller window pane pattern and had to get it. I’m a sucker for pencil skirts..score! Plus it was a dollar, double score! I’m not brave enough to wear this trend with it bold on both top and bottom, so I’m loving the contract of the really bold, bigger print on top and a subtle version of the print on the bottom.


Skirt by Liz Claiborne

Sweater by unknown

Shoes by Ted Baker (no longer available on their site) similar styles found here

Purse by Coach (show without the straps) exact purse found here

Since the sweater and skirt were vintage finds, I was not able to find anything that was really similar, but many major retailers are using this window pane pattern.

Some of my favorites are this toppants and skirt from Zara and this skirt from Forever 21!

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The Statement Piece







There is nothing more classic than a tee shirt and a pair jeans. You can wear it alone or have it serve as the perfect backdrop for that one statement piece in your closet.

I picked up this “duster” at one of my favorite thrift shops “The Clothes Rack”. Just a short segway, if you live or have the chance to visit RVA you need to go here!! Unlike Goodwill or Salvation Army, they are very selective on what items they sell. The stores (they have two locations) are set up much like a high end boutique with perfectly organized clothes arranged by color and type. They even have a section just for vintage clothes and a section they call “Boutique” for high end designer items. All of the proceeds go to the Jr. League of VA which supports the advancement women. So not only are you getting fabulous clothing at great prices, you are helping out a very worthy cause…..can’t beat that!

Now back to my regular scheduled post lol.

I was immediately drawn to this piece with it’s bold color and eye catching print. I quickly ran to the dressing room to try it on and it fit exactly how I wanted, a bit loose but not too loose. Long but not dragging the floor and it had pockets; anything with pockets is right in my book. And it came with a sash so I could belt this for a completely different look.

I love how it has taken these simple pieces to make them a bit more dressy.

(photo credit: Ron Dillard)



Get the look:

Jeans by Gap via LikeTwice

Shoes by Jessica Simpson via ThreadUP. Similar looks can be found at DSW

Duster is actually a robe! Somewhat similar looks can be found here and here

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