The Statement Piece







There is nothing more classic than a tee shirt and a pair jeans. You can wear it alone or have it serve as the perfect backdrop for that one statement piece in your closet.

I picked up this “duster” at one of my favorite thrift shops “The Clothes Rack”. Just a short segway, if you live or have the chance to visit RVA you need to go here!! Unlike Goodwill or Salvation Army, they are very selective on what items they sell. The stores (they have two locations) are set up much like a high end boutique with perfectly organized clothes arranged by color and type. They even have a section just for vintage clothes and a section they call “Boutique” for high end designer items. All of the proceeds go to the Jr. League of VA which supports the advancement women. So not only are you getting fabulous clothing at great prices, you are helping out a very worthy cause…..can’t beat that!

Now back to my regular scheduled post lol.

I was immediately drawn to this piece with it’s bold color and eye catching print. I quickly ran to the dressing room to try it on and it fit exactly how I wanted, a bit loose but not too loose. Long but not dragging the floor and it had pockets; anything with pockets is right in my book. And it came with a sash so I could belt this for a completely different look.

I love how it has taken these simple pieces to make them a bit more dressy.

(photo credit: Ron Dillard)



Get the look:

Jeans by Gap via LikeTwice

Shoes by Jessica Simpson via ThreadUP. Similar looks can be found at DSW

Duster is actually a robe! Somewhat similar looks can be found here and here

Thanks SO much for reading!!





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