Love the skin your in/Borrowed from the little boys

As I was going through the photos for this post, I was taken a back at how big my midsection looked. I’m quite sure I am not the only woman to look at a picture of themselves and immediately tear it apart. Question, why do we do that anyway??? You think that you look amazing in something only to see a photo of you later and think “What the hell?!?!” I knew I had put on a few pounds over the last few months; I stopped working out and I haven’t exactly been watching what I eat but looking at the photos I found I put on a little more than I thought. For the past few days, I had been going through the pictures trying to find a picture, any picture that in my mind camouflaged my midsection; I was having no such luck. To say I was dreading putting this post together would be an understatement. I actually thought about not posting the pictures at all and creating a flat-out of my outfit to use instead or just scraping the post altogether. I am new to the world of fashion blogging and though I am doing this as a hobby, one day I hope to make a bit of money from it, so this is my resume. There is no hiding, its there for the world to see and I want everything to be perfect and I felt these pictures weren’t perfect. I though in my mind “What brand would want you showing off their clothes with your tummy hanging out?” I was embarrassed of what my body looked like and letting the world see what I viewed as a flaw. I wondered what people would think and even more scary to me say.

I sat at my computer for the better part of an hour picking thorough the photos that in my mind showed my tummy look somewhat small and went to work in Photoshop slimming down my midsection the quick and easy way. Now I could have posted the pictures in their edited altered state but a feeling came over me. If I posted these pictures, I would not be showing the world my true self. Am I really going to say to the world that I don’t think I look good enough? If I did it this time, I would have to always alter my body on all the photos I post. I would have to keep up this image of perfection that I know is not reality. And if I was lucky enough to be approached by a brand to show off their clothes, my secret would be exposed!

I find myself comparing myself to other women. Their bodies, their hair, their clothes and I had to think to myself, “Where the hell does it all end?!?!” I make one change and then see something else I want to change and something else and something else and how long am I going to chase what I feel is perfection? When am I going to see that I am perfect just the way I am? How can I ask others to be comfortable being them and I’m not comfortable with being me? So I decided to not post the Photo-shopped photos and post them as is.

You are looking at the real me, the un-retouched me, the me with flaws, the me with fears. What you see is what you get and I am OK with that; well not quite OK with it, but will be! I’m human and the perfection in that, is that there is no perfection; its OK to be just you! This is me, take it or leave it. Guess what world, I’m not perfect and I make mistakes but that’s what makes me, me and if just one person reads this post an see’s themselves in me and finds comfort in their skin, I have done my job.

And from here on out, all of my photos will be un-retouched. If you see a lump or bump, hey that’s me lol! I am a REAL person with imperfections and I need to see the beauty in them. And I hope you see the beauty in yours!

I challenge every other blogger to post some of their un-retouched photos; let’s start a movement among all the other movements women have celebrating the flaws and embracing them!

Thanks SO much for Reading!

Now back the the original post!



IMG_0373 IMG_0357IMG_0348


I LOVE the clothes Target sells for boys, especially the shirts! I am constantly shopping that section to make sure my little has an unlimited stock of cool graphic tees and crisp button downs in his closet. While browsing the clearance rack for shirts for him, I came across this little number and I not only had to get this for him, I needed it for myself. I found the largest size they had and went to the nearest dressing room; said a few “Please God” prayers on my way there, to see if this shirt would fit. And to my luck, it fit, HALLELUJAH!!! Just enough of the combination fitted-looseness I like in my shirts.

I paired my top with some black cropped fit pants and some heels for a chic-relaxed look.

Tip: When shopping in the boy’s section, start with the largest size they offer and work your way down until you find the fit you like! My shirt is a boy’s size XL and it fits like a women size Small on me.


Thanks SO much for reading!!!




P.S. Thank you Target for making boy’s clothing that I can fit and so cool I wanna to wear; I bow down to thee!

Shirt by Shawn White for Target

Pants by Walmart (no longer available) Simlar look, style here

Shoes by Report Signature

4 thoughts on “Love the skin your in/Borrowed from the little boys

  1. What a powerful and motivating post. I so applaud the fact that you were able to put yourself out there and share your insecurities with your readers. I needed that today. I recently starting a fashion blog as well and was contemplating deleting my post from today because I felt like it wasn’t perfect enough. Well guess what? Because of you, I realized that it is a reflection of me. I’m not perfect and I’m doing this because I enjoy it, so my post is staying right where it is. Thank you pretty girl 🙂


    • Your kind words just made my day!

      I am so glad that you found encouragement in what I said! I will be sure to follow along on your journey in the fashion blogging world. I wish you nothing but success! I thank you as well pretty girl 🙂


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