Little Fish. Big Pond.

Little Fish. Big Pond.

That’s how this feels. I’m in a endless see of fashion bloggers trying to gain my footing and find my place. I really had to think about this though. I was scared that I wouldn’t be good enough or people would think it was silly. I started my IG page and when I would take my pictures, I would have my head cut off, scared someone out there in world would recognize my face and let my secret out. The more I posted pictures of my daily outfits, the more I wanted to share the story behind why I chose to style the pieces the way I did. I felt that just taking pictures and letting you know where I got my items from wasn’t enough. See for a woman, there is always a story behind why we choose to wear what we wear; it can be a long story or a short story, but there is always a story and with every post I made, the more I wanted to share the story.

So the idea of starting a blog danced in my head and I worked on building my site. I had no idea how to build one, so YouTube became my best friend; still is my best friend. I am constantly watching videos of uploaded blogger conferences trying to get more in the know about this world. I told myself that I would make my first blog post once I reached 100 IG followers, you know to celebrate; using it as a sign that starting this blog was a good idea, but as the days went on waiting to hit that magic number, I was getting more and more anxious, more and more ready to share the story behind my outfit choices.

The day of my very first post, I was going to lunch with my best friend and wearing a chambray button down, jeans, red pumps and this amazing red blazer. He commented on how much he liked the blazer and kept calling me “The Lady in Red” and the second he said that it clicked. I went home that evening, grabbed my tablet and asked my son to take a few pictures of me in our back yard. I had written the entire post in 30 min and hit “publish post”! I was so excited and proud of myself that I had taken the leap. And now that I have jumped of the cliff, I can’t climb back up and trust me, I have tried a few times; this is all so new to me, but I am slowly gaining my footing and trying to find my voice in this world.

I am starting this diary to see my growth while I take this journey; a way of looking back to see all that I have accomplished. I have not idea where this is going to lead me but I am excited to find out and I’m glad you are along for the ride!

Until next time diary!



2 thoughts on “Little Fish. Big Pond.

    • Merry Christmas to you both as well and I hope you and your families are enjoying this day!! I love your blog and can’t wait to see more from you guys!

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂


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