My First Feature!!!

My first blogger feature goes live tomorrow; insert happy dance here!!!!!  I have to give a HUGE thanks to Alessa over at for this tremendous honor! I met her on the Lucky Contributor network; she was reaching out to other bloggers to feature on her blog, I sent her my information and the rest is soon to be my first feature history! And now I can officially say I have made my first blogger friend! A feature is such a big deal!!!! I am beyond flattered that another blogger wants to feature me on their blog. In a industry of people pushing themselves, she took the time to feature my work to her readers and it means so much to me! I am truly humbled and filled with so much gratitude.

When your a new blogger, its a 24/7 job getting your blog out there. I mean you just can’t create the blog a will people to read it. Well I guess you can, and you may get a few readers but if you are trying to make this your full time job, you have to hit the pavement and sell you; you gotta hustle. That’s why this feature means so much to me. It’s a chance to grow my audience and connect with new people. And that is what this business is about. One of the first things I learned is that building solid relationships is how you grow and advance in this business. Not just relationships with brands; but clearly as a blogger those are the relationships you want to have, but the relationships with my readers and other bloggers. Those are the relationships that are the most important. Without people reading my blog, what brands are going to want to work with me? But relationship building is something that I learned how to do many years ago as an actress, yes I am an actress! It was never my auditions that got me the job; but I have to say when I go in for an audition I kill it, but it was the relationships I built with other directors and actors who referred me to other directors who were looking for actors. To this day, it’s how I still book 60 percent my jobs.

I’m so excited I can’t stand it and tomorrow can’t come soon enough for me! No matter where I go as a blogger, I will never forget my first feature!

I’m hoping this is just the first of many features, but if I never get another one, I am beyond happy!

Until next time diary!



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