This is the last time I will talk to you in 2014!!!

This year will always be a special year for me because its the year I started my blog! I am learning so much more about myself through this experience and building wonderful relationships along the way. As I look back at 2014 I have so much to be thankful for. So many good things came my way this year and was truly a year of planning for me. 2015 is the year I will put all the planning 2014 brought to me in place. I have my list of goals and I vow to myself to check EVERYTHING OFF! So many cool projects and collaborations are planned for the upcoming year and I am excited to see how it all turns out. I so excited to grow this blog and my brand!

As I say goodbye to 2014, I say goodbye to all the bullshit, the negativity and negative thoughts. I say goodbye to all the people who don’t wish me well and all the things that are not good for me. As I say hello to 2015, I say hello to positive people, positive thoughts, positive people, positive vibes!

I am excited to see what 2015 holds for me and excited to share it with you!

Happy New Year!!








NYE Ready!


After years of putting waaaaaay to much thought into my NYE outfit, I vowed to find something easy, effortless and chic to wear while out ringing in the New Year with friends. While thrifting I found this men’s shirt and a million outfit fairies danced in my head lol! I knew this was what I was going to wear but it needed something else and when I came across this vintage tuxedo jacket the outfit came together. With the addition of some heels, I was done; now that was EASY!

Everything looks very polished and chic, yet very effortless; like I went into my boyfriend’s closet, pulled out a few things and walked out the door…exactly what I plan on doing for my friends New Year’s Eve dinner!

I am wishing everyone a very HAPPY and prosperous NEW YEAR!!!

Get the Look:

Vintage Men’s Button-down used as a dress//similar look here

Vintage Men’s Tuxedo Blazer//similar looks here and here

Ted Baker Heels-NLA//similar look here

Vintage Clutch


Thanks SO much for Reading!

Photo Credit: Keisha Dillard

Merry Christmas!!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve! I have to get my little off to sleep, so I can wrap gifts, but I waned to write to you before I went into full mommy mode!

I have made a few friends in this fashion blogging community and that really makes me happy!! When I stated on this journey, it was a closely guarded secret and I told myself that I was only going to post daily outfit pictures on IG and never show my face, but the more I got into the community, the more I wanted to show everyone that choose follow me more of myself. The more I got to know the people who I followed through their pictures, the more I became comfortable with showing who I was.This is such community of support; even bigger bloggers take notice at up and coming blogger and give words of encouragement in the form of “likes” on IG  or “re tweets” on Twitter. I have really appreciated the kinds words of complete strangers and the connections I have made in this world and…..I really have no words to describe the feeling.

To everyone who follows me on IG or Twitter, to everyone who has liked a photo, took the time to leave a comment, to everyone who has send me a tweet or took time to re-tweet or favorite something I said I just want to thank them! It means to world to me! I enjoy connecting with people who are doing the same thing I’m doing, who understand the struggle of juggling a kid, full time job and blogging. I love looking at the stories their pictures tell and I want to thank them for allowing me to be a part of their lives. As I look thru my IG feed, I see all the Christmas pics and it just makes me smile! We a truly a BIG family!

Well I got gifts to wrap; Merry Christmas Diary!

Until next time!

Weekend Uniform







Monday thru Friday you can usually find me in a pair of heels, I mean I have a HUGE collection, but when the weekend comes and I’m out running with my little you will no doubt find me in a pair of casual sneakers. These Michael Kors are one of my favorite pairs. I thrifted these for $5 (yes I said $5) and I have gotten my money’s worth and more out of them!

As you know I am no fan of coats and with the temps dropping by the hour in RVA this turtleneck and thick blazer keeps me warm and cozy.

Get the Look

Michael Kors Sneakers//similar looks here, here

Gap Jeans

Jennifer Lopez for Khol’s Sweater//similar look here

Coach Purse

Blazer vintage find

 Photo Credit: Kiesha Dilard

Thanks SO much for Reading!

The Pitch

I pitched my first idea over a month ago to a blogging site. I Googled “How to put together a Media Kit” and “How to write an effective Pitch” and I was really proud of what I put together. The pitch was straight to the point and though they are not in the thousands, I was pretty proud of my blog and social media numbers. After waiting a week, I got a response! A few e-mail exchanges and two follow up e-mails later I am at a stale mate. I haven’t gotten a ‘yes’; I haven’t gotten a ‘no’, so I wait. As I wait for a response, from my latest follow up e-mail, I wonder at what point in my blogging career should I be pitching ideas? Did I jump the gun to early?

On the one hand:

1. I post on a consistent basis

2. I have a small but steady readership

3. I think my content is pretty good

On the other hand:

1. I have only been blogging for a few months

2. I don’t have a huge social media following

3. My blogging resume is blank, I have never worked with anyone before


My blank resume is a BIG one! Would this site want to work with a blog that has never worked with anyone? Would they be willing to take a chance on a blog that’s in its beginning stages? And if they won’t who will? Brands and big blogging sites don’t normally forge relationships with bloggers just starting out because they have never done this before, but if no one is willing to work with me, how do I prove that they should work with me?

When I apply for a job, the potential employer can look at my resume, who I have worked with and see that I am someone whom they want to hire. But in the blogging world, I can’t do that. I have zero experience in the world. I am just another blogger until I can prove that I’m a blogger that brands want to work with.

I guess I have to just keep working building my resume until I can prove I am blogger that people want to work with!


Until next time Diary,







Everyone has those moments.

Someone says something, someone does something, someone crosses you the wrong way and you just want to yell out “Really Bitch?!” It’s something that I find myself saying from time to time and I just had to turn it into a shirt!

So now when someone is acting crazy I can just point to my shirt!


 Get the Look:

Tee custom made

Gap Jeans

Steve Madden Troppa Combat Boots

Compare and Contrast

I have a bad habit of looking at other blogs and then going back to look at my blog and getting really depressed. I know I need to stop doing that, but I can’t help it. I follow many of the mega bloggers and I think to myself “I can’t compare and I don’t think I ever will.” I sit and stare at my blog for hours picking apart everything from the layout to the pictures to the content I write. I even at one point thought about just getting rid of my blog altogether! I look at the number of social media followers other bloggers have, the likes they get on IG or the re-tweets on Twitter and it plunges me in even deeper. I hope that I’m not alone in this. Other bloggers at some point in their journey do the old “compare and contrast” routine, right?? Every blogger sometimes feel like they can’t compare or compete with other bloggers, right??  It would really make me feel a bit better to know I have some company in this. Not because my misery wants company, because I would love someone to help me through this. The only people who understand are other blogger….right?? That’s assuming other bloggers fell how I feel but if not, I’m all alone. And I have no one to talk to, well I have you Diary, but you can’t talk back, right??? I check my site views a million times a day, watching the numbers slowly rise, refresh my feed on IG when I post a picture to see how quickly it took for the first like, checking to see if anything I tweeted got a favorite or re-tweet or if I gained a new follower. I feel like the more people who follow me, the more successful my blog is and I don’t have very many followers. Its a nerve racking situation!


In my latest “compare and contrast” moment I came across an article on IFB talking about this very thing; comparing yours to someone else. OMG!!! Jennine Jacob was talking directly to me! It’s not about the numbers on social media or the amount of blog followers I have, its about just blogging, doing what I love and expressing myself in this way. I need to stop focusing on the numbers and put all that focus in working on giving my readers good quality consistent content. Working on improving my writing and photography and just letting everything else fall in place. Everyone starts somewhere! I mean mega bloggers didn’t get to that point overnight, right??? After reading that article, I went into the archives of my favorite mega blogger and realized that they started out just like me!! There were no amazing back drops. There was no professional photographer. Most of the pictures were taking with a simple point and shoot camera and in their houses. I went thru the years and watched the evolution of these bloggers and it didn’t take months but years to become the bloggers they are today. I saw the picture quality grow, the locations become amazing, the storytelling come alive. I saw the work that they put into their blog to grow them to where they are today and I think I saw the moment when they stop focusing on other blogs and focused on their own 🙂

And I finally got it, that ah-ha moment. When I am focusing on others blogs, I’m not working on my blog. I’m not working on my skills to improve my blog. And in focusing on them, I am losing my unique voice; trying to be someone I am not. I can’t “compare and contrast” my blog to other blogs, my blog is mine; there is nothing to compare it to. This is my voice, my style, my journey.

Now I may still on occasion “compare and contrast”, its human nature to compare in a way I guess, but I won’t get me down, it will only push me to work harder to achieve my goals in this blogging world.

Till next time Diary,