Unexpected Mix




I have always loved mixing pieces that at first glance don’t seem to work but once you look twice it all comes together. Everything in my wardrobe has to flexible, I rarely buy a piece that cant be easily dressed up or down on a moments notice.

The mix of styles, pieces and prints is a formula that I have stuck to for years! Mostly because when I over think may outfit choices, I hate what I have on. I am fly by the seat of my pants type of gal and its reflected in my personal style. This outfit is the perfect combination of casual and dressy that I love; party on top, business on the bottom lol! It would be noting to add a pair of sneakers to make this 100% casual or a structured blazer to make this 100% office chic.

Thanks to my BEST FRIEND for taking the pic for this post!

Get the Look:

Shirt: Vintage Mickey Mouse Tee–Similar tee here

Jacket: Gap (old style) other looks here, here, here

Pants: Vintage Alfree Dunner–Similar look here

Shoes: Victoria Secret (sold out??)–Same shoe, different color here


Thanks SO much for Reading!





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