Ode to the Past




Remember the day’s when fashion bloggers like Song of Style, Something Navy and StuffSheLikes would take their outfit photos in their apartments with noting but a wall for their backdrop!? In a world where even a new fashion blogger takes pictures with amazing backdrops and in cool locations, its hard to believe that’s how it started; a point and shoot camera and a bedroom wall. Well I’m taking a trip back to those day’s in this weeks” outfit of the week” post.

I love how simple this fashion blogging thing used to be. Now don’t get me wrong, I love what fashion blogging has evolved into and I’m excited to see the next level of evolution it will take, but looking through the archives of some of my favorite bloggers, I can’t help but admire the simplicity in the shots. In taking a trip back in time, I got to see the growth of these amazing bloggers. I absolutely love rawness of the shots and how simple it was; got my outfit, found my wall, not lets take some pics! It was blogging for the love of blogging; I mean back then no one knew what fashion blogging would evolve into. It was blogging in its simplest form.

If you have some free time on your hands, go through the pages of the past of some of the biggest fashion blogger today and see their beginnings and who knows, you may want to shoot an on “Ode to the Past” post yourself!

Get the Look:

 Shirtdress vintage find……cool options found here and here

Booties by French Connection via LikeTwice…..Excat style, different color here


Thanks SO much for Reading!



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