The Pitch

I pitched my first idea over a month ago to a blogging site. I Googled “How to put together a Media Kit” and “How to write an effective Pitch” and I was really proud of what I put together. The pitch was straight to the point and though they are not in the thousands, I was pretty proud of my blog and social media numbers. After waiting a week, I got a response! A few e-mail exchanges and two follow up e-mails later I am at a stale mate. I haven’t gotten a ‘yes’; I haven’t gotten a ‘no’, so I wait. As I wait for a response, from my latest follow up e-mail, I wonder at what point in my blogging career should I be pitching ideas? Did I jump the gun to early?

On the one hand:

1. I post on a consistent basis

2. I have a small but steady readership

3. I think my content is pretty good

On the other hand:

1. I have only been blogging for a few months

2. I don’t have a huge social media following

3. My blogging resume is blank, I have never worked with anyone before


My blank resume is a BIG one! Would this site want to work with a blog that has never worked with anyone? Would they be willing to take a chance on a blog that’s in its beginning stages? And if they won’t who will? Brands and big blogging sites don’t normally forge relationships with bloggers just starting out because they have never done this before, but if no one is willing to work with me, how do I prove that they should work with me?

When I apply for a job, the potential employer can look at my resume, who I have worked with and see that I am someone whom they want to hire. But in the blogging world, I can’t do that. I have zero experience in the world. I am just another blogger until I can prove that I’m a blogger that brands want to work with.

I guess I have to just keep working building my resume until I can prove I am blogger that people want to work with!


Until next time Diary,



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