Merry Christmas!!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve! I have to get my little off to sleep, so I can wrap gifts, but I waned to write to you before I went into full mommy mode!

I have made a few friends in this fashion blogging community and that really makes me happy!! When I stated on this journey, it was a closely guarded secret and I told myself that I was only going to post daily outfit pictures on IG and never show my face, but the more I got into the community, the more I wanted to show everyone that choose follow me more of myself. The more I got to know the people who I followed through their pictures, the more I became comfortable with showing who I was.This is such community of support; even bigger bloggers take notice at up and coming blogger and give words of encouragement in the form of “likes” on IG  or “re tweets” on Twitter. I have really appreciated the kinds words of complete strangers and the connections I have made in this world and…..I really have no words to describe the feeling.

To everyone who follows me on IG or Twitter, to everyone who has liked a photo, took the time to leave a comment, to everyone who has send me a tweet or took time to re-tweet or favorite something I said I just want to thank them! It means to world to me! I enjoy connecting with people who are doing the same thing I’m doing, who understand the struggle of juggling a kid, full time job and blogging. I love looking at the stories their pictures tell and I want to thank them for allowing me to be a part of their lives. As I look thru my IG feed, I see all the Christmas pics and it just makes me smile! We a truly a BIG family!

Well I got gifts to wrap; Merry Christmas Diary!

Until next time!

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