The Basics


When I’m at a loss for what to put on, I can always rely on the most classic items in my closet to make a chic look. There is nothing more classic that a white tee, jeans, black blazer and a pair of pumps. Pieces that can be worn together or mixed and matched in my closet are a must for me. I’m typically getting dressed 10 min after I am suppose to leave the house, so I have the things I can grab in a rush and not look like I grabbed them in a rush lol!


I love a good black blazer; add one to any outfit and you instantly have a pulled together look. This one by Ann Taylor cost me $2.50 from the thrift!


My new FAVORITE heels by Banana Republic. I love the cut of these shoes; cool twist on a classic black pump!


I love how effortless it all looks together and how easy it is to dress this look up or dress it down.

What are your favorite classic pieces you keep around?

Get the Look:

Ann Taylor Blazer-NLA// similar styles found here and here

Well Worn Sheer White Tee-NLA//similar styles here, here and here

Banana Republic Heels via Thread Up

Walmart Jeans-DYI and NLA// similar styles here and here

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Photo Cred: KG

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