Let me start off by saying I’m not an app person. A friend of mine used to hijack and download all the latest apps on my phone for me. I would keep them for about 5 seconds and delete them off my phone for one reason or another. I have a few trusted apps I kept and NoteStream has now joined the ranks!


NoteStream can be described as only one thing “Learning on the go”. No matter where you are, you can pull out your phone and search through the more than 10 category of “Notes” on this app and get versed in things like music, beer or fashion. I was personally happy about the “Beer Note” as beer was a gift I got someone for their birthday. I was able to search through the notes, find the one that I needed and was able to learn more information; just that simple! The articles are written by people who are experts in that particular area and make you fell like you are talking to your really smart friend! And if you don’t see a category that you are sure will peak peoples interest, use the “Suggest A NoteStream” feature and submit your idea for the next Note!

Image-1 (1)



NoteStream recently launched a “Fashion Note” and I am happy to be a contributor for that note on the app!

Image-1 (2)


I am personally sold on this app, but don’t take my word for it, download it for yourself and give it a try. For more informtion about NoteStream visit their website You will find a whole host of people giving this app much praise!!


Thanks SO much for Reading!



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