Oh Happy Day!!

I have some of the best news I’ve had in a long time to share with you; I LANDED A SPONSORED POST!!!!! It’s crazy because just last week, I was talking to you about how I was out there knocking on doors and reaching out to brands and then a brand contacts me to work with them!! They saw my blog, liked what they saw and reached out to me! I nearly fell out of my chair and screamed so loud I scared my cat half to death lol! It’s just so surreal to me…I can’t even put into words how cool this opportunity is! I’m so excited to get to work on the post and share it with you!!

Now I can’t give you any information about it; you have to wait for the post to go live in the next few weeks, but trust me it will not disappoint!


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My Adidas




 Years ago I stole my dad’s Adidas track suit and wore it to school; I was the coolest girl in town that day! And so started my love for this brand. Cut to about 5 years later….how old do you thing I am (wink) and I found this lovely in my local thrift and snatched it up; it took me back to high school instantly and the day I was too cool for school lol!

Note to self: Find that track suit!!!!


Get the Look:

Vintage Adidas Sweatshirt

Vintage Levis

Charles David Heels

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Pounding the Pavement

I have been a busy bee lately! Working on the blog and doing a ton of research on a project that I have been working on for the past few months. I am not even close to announcing what this project is, but when the time comes, I can’t wait to share it with you! I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even get a chance to write to you last week. Let me catch you up on what’s been going on!

Brands are not knocking down my door to work with me; I don’t think they are even on my block lol! As a new blogger I have knock on doors and get them to open for me. For the past few weeks, I have been reaching out to up and coming brands to collaborate. I have not yet landed one yet, but I am confident that I will! In the mist of me reaching out, I was contacted by a company that wanted me to promote them! I was so excited!! It was one of those form letters that I am sure 1000 other bloggers got, but it made my day. I quickly went to work on trying to make this into a small collaboration and though it didn’t work out, I felt really proud of myself for trying to make it happen. Someone out there was looking at my blog and I was one of the 1000 that was contacted and that means something to me. It gave me the motivation to keep pushing because in the sea of no’s and pitches that remain un-responded to, I found the silver lining!

So it’s back to an evening of pitching to brands for me because that collaboration is right around the corner! I can feel it!!!

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Those Plaid Pants Though!?!?





Is exactly what I said when I saw these pants hiding in the racks of pants at my local thrift store, and out loud might I add; those plaid pants though?!?!?! I would have chopped my body in half to fit into them and lucky for my body I fit them perfectly….ok not perfectly, but they button and I can kinda breathe in them and that is all that matters lol! They are 100% wool so I will only have about a month left to wear them, but trust me they will get plenty of wear next winter! I can’t THANK the person who gave these away enough!!!

These pants are among one of the best vintage finds ever in my book!

Get the Look:

Vintage Plaid Pants// similar look here

Vintage Brooks Brothers Blazer

Walmart Chambray Shirt// other great options here , here and here

Charles David Pumps

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Saturday Stroll





I’m a full time mother so when I have a few hours to myself, I make sure I use every second. More likely that not I am in the bed with a bag of chips watching my re-runs of Judge Judy episodes on my tablet lol, but other times I like to get dressed and take a stroll. I typically have no place in mind to go, but just the fact I can walk aorund and have a few hours to myself to decompress is good enough for me….and if you are a mother, you get my drift!

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Ann Taylor Blazer

Vintage Blet

Vintage Dress

Charles David Heels

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Your A Fashion Blogger If……

I was out last Saturday shooting upcoming looks for the blog and there was no place for me to change, so I had to change in my car. For some reason, it was a ton of traffic in the place my photographer and I choose to shoot. While in the car, half trying to change…half trying to hide and not flash the family of five walking by with my half dressed body, I thought to myself “I’m officially a Fashion Blogger!”

The more I get into blogging, the more I do things that I see only fashion bloggers do. We have some strange habits lol.  I decided to write out a very random list of things that makes someone a fashion blogger. I bet if I gave 20 bloggers this list, each of them have done at least 5!!

1. You shoot multiple post on one day! I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have the time to shoot for my blog each day. Sure my car looks like I have just been evicted, but I’m getting my hustle on here people!

2. You have at one time or another changed in the car at your location! When I do this it get’s me plenty of strange looks and multiple prayers go to God that the cops don’t get called and arrest me for indecent exposure lol

3. You no longer shop like a normal human, you shop to eventually have that article of clothing on your blog! I typically put entire post together while in the clearance section of Target lol

4. You sometimes DON’T post #ootd picture on IG because the outfit looked too good and you turned it into a blog post! Admit it you have done it, we all have.

5. You have at one time or another asked a family member or friend to take “outfit” post! I have enlisted my son once…ok twice….ok three times! Don’t you judge me, I broke no child labor laws!!!

6. You have posted pictures of the following on IG…..a Starbucks cup, food your eating, a picture of your latest blog post on your computer, yourself in the bed with cool PJ’s on, your coffee mug with a catchy saying on it, a flat-lay or my personal favorite a macron!!

7. You meet your photographer in a dark parking lot and the exchange of photos and payment look like a drug deal! I did this just before writing this post and when I said something to him about it, we had a good laugh….mall security was watching us hard lol

8. You have become a contortionist trying to take the perfect #ootd shot! I’m sure my neighbors and just random people that walk down my block think I have a serious problem. I had a guy stop and watch me for at least 2 min while I was outside on my porch trying the get that perfect angle for a picture. I almost asked him to just take the damn thing!

9. You have no less than 3 photo editing apps on your phone! Hey that glow on my face is not natural…thanks Afterlight lol

10. You have written a blog post similar to this one!

I’m sure that I am leaving a lot of this list, but these are the ones that were on the top of my mind. Like I said, Fashion Bloggers are strange humans lol


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Bonus: You have a separate IG account names @shop_(put your blog name here) to sell you clothing and shoes! I don’t have one yet but I am thinking on it lol

Wishing for Summer




This post is so appropriate for today! I went to my closet and pulled out all of my spring/summer sandals excited thinking it was right around the corner, but that groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so 6 more weeks of winter it is. How reliable is he anyway?!?! Even though I was freezing my butt off during this shoot. I kept the thought of warmer days in my mind and it made it better. I’m a hug fan of mixing prints and the mix of floral with animal print works so well together. This dress is going to be worn at lot once the weather breaks, so my apologies in advance!


Get the Look:

Dress Vintage// here are some of my favorite floral dresses here, here and here

Vintage Levis Jean Jacket

Victoria Secret Pony Hair Pumps-NLA// similar look here


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