Your A Fashion Blogger If……

I was out last Saturday shooting upcoming looks for the blog and there was no place for me to change, so I had to change in my car. For some reason, it was a ton of traffic in the place my photographer and I choose to shoot. While in the car, half trying to change…half trying to hide and not flash the family of five walking by with my half dressed body, I thought to myself “I’m officially a Fashion Blogger!”

The more I get into blogging, the more I do things that I see only fashion bloggers do. We have some strange habits lol.  I decided to write out a very random list of things that makes someone a fashion blogger. I bet if I gave 20 bloggers this list, each of them have done at least 5!!

1. You shoot multiple post on one day! I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have the time to shoot for my blog each day. Sure my car looks like I have just been evicted, but I’m getting my hustle on here people!

2. You have at one time or another changed in the car at your location! When I do this it get’s me plenty of strange looks and multiple prayers go to God that the cops don’t get called and arrest me for indecent exposure lol

3. You no longer shop like a normal human, you shop to eventually have that article of clothing on your blog! I typically put entire post together while in the clearance section of Target lol

4. You sometimes DON’T post #ootd picture on IG because the outfit looked too good and you turned it into a blog post! Admit it you have done it, we all have.

5. You have at one time or another asked a family member or friend to take “outfit” post! I have enlisted my son once…ok twice….ok three times! Don’t you judge me, I broke no child labor laws!!!

6. You have posted pictures of the following on IG…..a Starbucks cup, food your eating, a picture of your latest blog post on your computer, yourself in the bed with cool PJ’s on, your coffee mug with a catchy saying on it, a flat-lay or my personal favorite a macron!!

7. You meet your photographer in a dark parking lot and the exchange of photos and payment look like a drug deal! I did this just before writing this post and when I said something to him about it, we had a good laugh….mall security was watching us hard lol

8. You have become a contortionist trying to take the perfect #ootd shot! I’m sure my neighbors and just random people that walk down my block think I have a serious problem. I had a guy stop and watch me for at least 2 min while I was outside on my porch trying the get that perfect angle for a picture. I almost asked him to just take the damn thing!

9. You have no less than 3 photo editing apps on your phone! Hey that glow on my face is not natural…thanks Afterlight lol

10. You have written a blog post similar to this one!

I’m sure that I am leaving a lot of this list, but these are the ones that were on the top of my mind. Like I said, Fashion Bloggers are strange humans lol


Until next time Diary,



Bonus: You have a separate IG account names @shop_(put your blog name here) to sell you clothing and shoes! I don’t have one yet but I am thinking on it lol

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