Those Plaid Pants Though!?!?





Is exactly what I said when I saw these pants hiding in the racks of pants at my local thrift store, and out loud might I add; those plaid pants though?!?!?! I would have chopped my body in half to fit into them and lucky for my body I fit them perfectly….ok not perfectly, but they button and I can kinda breathe in them and that is all that matters lol! They are 100% wool so I will only have about a month left to wear them, but trust me they will get plenty of wear next winter! I can’t THANK the person who gave these away enough!!!

These pants are among one of the best vintage finds ever in my book!

Get the Look:

Vintage Plaid Pants// similar look here

Vintage Brooks Brothers Blazer

Walmart Chambray Shirt// other great options here , here and here

Charles David Pumps

Thanks SO much for Reading!



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