The Breaking Point

We have been having the best and worse weather for the past few weeks. I LOVE the snow, it makes me revert back to my childhood and can play in it all day! But with all the snow has come the lack of decent days to shoot looks for the blog. Since I have been working like a mad woman, I took this as a sign to take a little break and I have to say, I have enjoyed my mini vaca! The last time I looked at my blog was my post last week. No checking my stats, no replying to comments, no making small changes to the layout. I don’t think I even went over to my laptop in a week and for me that’s hard!

Am I the only one that gets overwhelmed at this? What other ways do I cope with the amount of stress and pressure that comes along with building a blog?  I read an article that said many new fashion bloggers quit after 6 months of blogging because of how much work it takes to run a blog. I read that article before I even set up a website and I actually thought twice about diving into this new territory. I was scared that I would fall victim to the six  month itch and quit. And to be honest, I was almost there. It was all just becoming to much for me to handle. I LOVE blogging. I have meet some amazing people, built some wonderful relationships and I am learning so much about myself, but working full time job, being a full time mom and blogging into the wee hours of the night left me feeling run down and very grumpy; as my son put it.

I started this blog to fill a creative void in my life and it was slowly becoming a job to me, I could feel it and I have a job, I don’t need two! I need this place to be my creative outlet. A place where I can express myself freely. A platform for my thoughts and ideas. So I needed to step away for a second to remind myself of that, remind myself why I started and I’m back! And happy to be back!

Now that I have had a break, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! I will be shooting new looks for the blog; including the look for my first collaboration and working on some other fun projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

Until next time Diary



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