One and Done

Last week I posted my first sponsored post and I was scared to death of how it would turn out. I wanted to make sure that the pictures were perfect, it was well written and most importantly that the company I was working with was happy with the end result.

Putting this post together was the most nerve racking thing I have ever done! I am the type of person that has to have everything perfect! I do 3 drafts of simple e-mails I send out at work, so imagine having to put together an entire post! I stayed up until 3am working on the first draft and second drafts and another two days working on the final post that went live on the blog. I agonized over what pictures to use, what details of the dress to showcase and what words to write. Even down to the pictures I posted on IG, I was crossing my fingers that they were the right ones.

After all that worrying, the client loved how the post turned out, I got a ton of traffic over on the blog for the post and most importantly I love how it came out and my first sponsored post jitters are gone. I am actually working on my next sponsored post that will go live in a few weeks.

I am slowly seeing my blog take shape and I loving the shape its taking!

Until next time Diary,


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