Making Changes


Change is inevitable.

In life there are only a few things you can count on and change is one of them. Even though many of us don’t like change, its a good thing. It makes you take stock of what’s important, it makes you take stock of yourself. My life has gone through some really big changes over the last few months and at first I wanted to crumble, I actually did. But as I looked at the change for what it was and took at good hard look at myself, I am coming to terms with it. Maybe this change is best for all parties involved.

As changes are going on in my personal life, I decided to make changes in other parts in my life and that includes the blog! I had been thinking about changing things up but never got around to it; there is no time like the present right? And as other changes in my life scare me a bit, this one has me excited beyond belief!

I’m adding weekly Lifestyle post featuring everything from home/style DIY projects to recipes you should try, sharing with you my weekly wants and a bi-weekly styling post from showing you how to add vintage into your everyday wardrobe to re-working your basics. And if you have been following my blog from the start, my Monthly Favorites are coming back!

Bringing you more content to the blog means I will be spending more time on the blog, but that’s not a bad thing right??

In order to grow, you must endure some change and I am excited for the changes that are coming to the blog. As my personal life goes, I’m getting there.

Until next time Diary,




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