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Dear Diary,

Something pretty major happened to me….a post I wrote a few weeks ago was featured on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site as one of their Links a la mode! You can’t even begin to imagine how may bloggers submit there post hoping to be picked. In the two years I have been member, I have never submitted; but this time I said what the heck and I was picked! It’s beyond cool and I am still super happy about being featured!

Between preparing for training’s and putting the final touches on a summer program at my full time job plus working on the blog, I am TIRED and it’s not gonna slow down. With my 9-5 rather 1:30-10:00; I have two weeks of training, one of which I’m helping to plan, a big summer project that needs to be finished, summer camp parent meeting to prep for, and of course the start of summer camp shortly followed by classes in July. I was planning on taking just one but Uncle Sam said take two, so two it is. I made my weekly to-do list to keep things on track but still; I mean I know I have as many hours in my day as Beyonc’e but how does she get it all done?!? I wonder if she would lend me some of her help for a day! I am working on a new system of daily planning and when I have finished testing it out and get it up and running, I will share it with you; hopefully that will help!

Anyway, last week I told you my goal was to reach out to more bloggers and that was the main focus for this week. There I was, trolling the internet like a creep looking for blogs to interact with and then came upon a site that changed my life…it was a blog link up! Right there in front of my face were hundreds of links to other bloggers that I could interact with; why on earth did it take me so long to figure this out!! And as a bonus, I could link my blog in the party as well for others to come and interact with me! This is the definition of working smarter and not harder!

Monday I joined  Pink Sole and Sincerely Jenna Marie

Tuesday I hung out with I do deClaire and Style Elixir

Wednesday, well I needed a break lol

Thursday it was The Mix and Stylin in St. Louis

And Friday I ended my party spree with Forage Fashion and Two Thirty- Five Designs

In addition to linking up all over the place; well that sounded kinda dirty and my mother reads this now lol, I joined two blogger groups on Facebook; Show Your Blog Love and Bloggers Supporting Bloggers and that has been a big game changer! I’ve gotten more traffic in the past few days than I got in my in the first few months of this year; so much so that I had to update my media kit! And yes the traffic is great, but its also been great to meet other bloggers and dive into their content. It has been nice to get advice and just talk all things blogging with other like minded people; there is this theme within the blogging community, “Community over Competition” and you really feel that in these groups. Everyone is eager to help and support each other and its a good thing because bloggin’ ain’t easy!

The one thing that I didn’t get to this week was following up and pitching to new brands for collaborations. I have been so busy with my full time job that when I get home all I have energy for is cleaning my house; half assed might I add, and editing blog post. I have added some time in my week that is totally dedicated to this, so I will have an update for you next week. Also on the list is working on new content and finishing up a fun series that I have been working on for a few weeks!

Well that’s it for me time to get ready for the week ahead; my little is “moving on” from elementary school…here come the tears!

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “6.12.2016|#DOFB

  1. Great job!!! I have noticed for myself that I can either interact with other bloggers, or pitch brands each week. I can’t do both. With my full time job I’m also tired when I get home so my brain has the mental energy for just one. Congratulations on such a good week. Now I’m off to check out those linkups!


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