Dear Diary,

My little graduated from elementary school and I was so proud of him!! He’s on to Jr. High School and he though he tells me “I not excited” and “I could care less mommy”, I know it’s the opposite. I can remember his first day of school and sitting there watching him graduate, I couldn’t believe that his time there was over. I told him that I was sad he was not going to be my little boy any more and his response was “Mommy I will always be your little boy because you will always be older than me” LOL! That’s my boy!


And I have to wish all the dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day and especially to my dad! He’s not a fan of the sappy stuff but I can’t let the day pass without saying….Daddy I love you very much and I am lucky to have you. Thank you for having my back, giving me good advice and being such a great papa to my son. You don’t say you love me opting to show me instead and that’s worth more to me than gold….but if you want you give me gold I would not turn it down!


You may have noticed I only posted once over the past week….shit happens. It was all about prepping for a two day training and I still haven’t recovered from back to back 10 hour work days. This week I will be playing catch up with the blog; posting on a regular schedule, scheduling a shoot with Lauren, prepping post and finishing up a series that I’m working on. Blog traffic has been really picking up over the past week and that is giving me the motivation to hang in there. For new bloggers its the one thing that can be frustrating, not seeing any traffic and the leads to many closing up shop very quickly. I have learned that building an audience takes time and you just have to keep pushing. If you stay consistent, join blogger groups and stay encouraged, the audience will come.

I have one more week of training and then our summer camp program begins, so I’m researching scheduling apps for Instagram because posting will be a chore and a half until camp is over. I’ve been saying that I wanted to put IG posting on auto pilot and now I’m finally forced to do so. I post all of my pics in real time, most of the time, and that won’t be an option during the summer. Not only will I have to plan out my blog post, I will have to get in the habit of planning my IG post as well so that is on my list of things of to knock out this week. I’m looking into Hoot-Suite but I will be asking around for other ideas in my blogger groups!

Well its time for me to sign off. I have to take my dad his gift, Chipotle lol

Until next time,




6 thoughts on “6.19.16|#DOFB

  1. Congratulations on your son’s graduation! Kids are the best proof of time that is flying!! And be as sappy as you like! Fathers are special and dont say much but they do wait for such days! Who doesnt?

    Good luck with the schedule as well cant wait for more posts from you xxx


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