{No. 4} Five Things|5 things you don’t know about me!

I’ve joined Snapchat and to celebrate I posted five things you don’t know about me!


  1. I have a HUGE collection of vintage dresses!






3. I used to play the harp and was invited to play at a concert hall in London!



4. I used to have a blog called “Adventures in Singlemommyhood”



5. I was an actress and performed at The Kennedy Center, in an off-0ff Broadway show and was in an indie movie!



Hope you got to know me a littler bit better and be sure to follow me over on Snapchat (theminnierose) for snaps of what I’m doing and content that will ONLY be posted there!




White Hot




IMG_3751[1]  IMG_3748[1]


Thank you unbearably hot summer for pushing me out of my comfort zone. If not for the extreme temps and trying to reflect the sun, I would have never tried an all white outfit. Now let me be clear this is not an invitation to stay; I’m tired of feeling like a cooked turkey every time I walk outside, but at least if I’m going to burn up, I’ll look damn good!





Target Mossimo V-Neck Tee

Gap Authentic 1969 Patch Pocket Flare Jeans

Charles David Pumps Sway II Leather Pointed Toe Pumps




Dear Diary,

I don’t think I’ve ever told you but I am in the process of switching careers. For nearly nine years, I’ve worked as a Recreation Instructor for the City of Richmond and though I love working with children, I’m ready for a change. Part of my job is to plan and promote programs for the community centers where I’m assigned and over the years it’s become the part of my job I love. I always knew that recreation was something that I wouldn’t do forever but I had no idea what I wanted to do. I went back and forth in my mind for a few years with ideas and every time I would be trying to figure it out, I would be in the process of planing and promoting a program; I finally took the hint lol! Last summer I enrolled in school to pursue my degree in Marketing and I have never been happier; super tired with going to school full time and working full time and blog full time and being a mommy full time but happy! I am trying to get some real world experience in this field so I applied for an internship with a local museum in my area and fingers crossed I get it!

It’s been crickets over on the blog and on Instagram this week. I’ve been trying to keep up with my assignments for my online class and yea…the blog needed to take a week long break. But just because I’m not posting does not mean I’m not working! When I was blogging before, I could not figure out the secret to doing this full time and working full time and found myself burned out. I now know the secret and it’s “batching processing”; in short I schedule day’s during the week to get one task done with the blog. For example, one day I write all of the weeks post, another day I shoot all of the pictures for the posts and another day is for editing all the posts. I first heard of this method from Mattie James who is the blogger behind Mattieolgie and it has been a GAME CHANGER!! To be honest I thought it was stupid and not sure how this one little trick would be a benefit but I gave it a try and boy was she right! I’m no longer falling behind on posting, stressing out about meeting deadlines and I have more control with what needs to get done. I had someone ask me recently how I manage to post three times a week with everything else that I have going on and I shared with them this method. Now I’ve sucked with posting the past week but that was not for lack of content, I just needed to breathe and disconnect a bit to focus on school but its back to my regularly scheduled programming!

Well its time to go and get ready for the week, I’ll talk to you soon!

Until next time,






Dear Diary,

I returned back to work after three days off and though I was suppose to take a week, the few days I spent away worked. As promised, I tackled some task around the house while on my mini vaca; my biggest project…the closet! I swear, I don’t understand how I could ever say “I have nothing to wear”, because my closet conveyed a different story lol! Half of the unwanted items went to Goodwill and the other half are being shipped off to Thread UP; I am stalking two pair of booties and I’m selling old stuff to get new stuff lol!

Nothing new going on with the blog, everything is chugging along smoothly. I’ve been posting three times a week and traffic is increasing daily. I have a few post in my draft box that I need to finish up and finally schedule time to meet with Lauren to shoot pictures for the series I’m working on. That’s it…I kinda feel like I should be saying more, but I don’t have anything else to update you on.

Short and sweet!

Until next time,

{No. 3} Five Things| Zara Sale

Everyday I thank God for my health, my family and for finding a little store called Zara. OK, I’m being a bit dramatic, but I do LOVE Zara! I have at least 5 pairs in my collection already and with the summer sale happening right now, its about to get much bigger. Be sure the hurry though, things never last long!

Here are the five Zara shoes I’m loving right now!







  1. Leather Strappy High Heel Sandals 
  2. Slingback High Heel Shoes with Bow (currently $20 bucks!!)
  3. Leather Studded Clogs
  4. Leather High Heel Sandals with Laces 
  5. Openwork Leather Sandals with Heel  (currently $40 bucks!!)








Lace Trim Racerback Cami// DYI cut-offs (cool options here and here)// old Charles David Pumps (similar here)/

*I cut my shorts using thrifted men’s jeans and watched this video on how cut them how I liked*



I hate my arms.

I am pretty comfortable with other parts of my body but my arms… they’re a real sore spot for me. I want them slim and toned but to me they’re fat and jiggly and it seems like no matter how much attention I give them, they never seem to firm up. Because of my insecurity, whenever I wear a sleeveless tops, I put something over my arms to cover them; now that I think about it I don’t even own a ton of sleeveless tops. I always feel like I’m being starred at when I have one on, like people are looking at me saying, “Please cover your arms lady!”.  While shopping with my friend, I saw this Lace Trim Racerback Cami by The Limited and knew I had to have it, but it was sleeveless and the worse kind, spaghetti strap…..eek! I remember telling her that this would look good over a short sleeve shirt or button down and her giving me this look of “Why the hell would you wear it like that!?” After much internal debate, I decided the price was too good to pass it up and I got it knowing exactly what cover up I would pair with it.

Cut to this past Saturday and I wore this top with a navy blue blazer to run some errands; yes a blazer in 100 degree weather and people did double takes to be sure they saw it correctly. After the fourth “Girl you hot as hell” look and beads of sweat running down my back I said “F*#& this!” and took my blazer off and in that moment I realized everyone has insecurities and it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference. So I’m dealing with mine and doing it in a really pretty top helps!








Dear Diary,

Work this week was super crazy! So crazy it was suggested I take a few days off to get my mind together and though I was reluctant with the idea, I caved in. I don’t take off during the summer and I have guilt leaving during the busiest time of the year, but I know if I don’t take a step back I will do something that I’ll regret. I’m going to sit down today and make a list of things that I need and want to get done with all of my free time. When I get home from work I just want to shower and sleep, so now I’ll have plenty of time to knock out a lengthy to-do list. Though I’m nervous about how things will run while I’m away, it will be nice to sleep past 5:30am and not have my name called 100 times in an hour lol

When I sat down to write today I realized that I’ve been posting regularly for the past few weeks! I talked last week about being consistent and without me knowing it I’ve been doing just that, yea me!!  There’s been a steady stream of traffic AND I’ve started to make a bit of money; $3.10 to date lol! Yes, it pales in comparison to other bloggers and I can’t even buy my favorite drink at Starbucks with it, but this proves that I can one day turn this into a full-time job. Through one of the Facebook blogger groups I belong to, I found another blogger, that has a HUGE following, looking for contributors and I’m trying to decided if I want to use a post from my blog or create a new one to submit. If my post gets picked, it could be great for the blogs exposure so fingers crossed! My “Five Things” series has been well received by my readers and could not be more happier! I have soooo many “five things” that I’m working on and can’t wait to share them. I’m still working on that 4 part series as well! I had to push back the date it will go live on the blog but it’s still coming, it’s just not where I want it to be yet.

Now that I’ve been blogging on a steady basis, I’m going to set a few monthly goals for myself. I’ve seen other bloggers post monthly goals for traffic and income earned from their blogs and they say that having these goals have been really good for growing in these areas, so here are the two goals that I want to focus on for the rest of the month.

July Blogging Goals


1000 page views

500 unique visitors


$10 (enough for two lattes lol)

Now it’s time to put in the work to make these goals a reality!

Until next time,