{No.1} #fivethings|Workouts


Well since I am working on my fitness this summer, I wanted to kick off this “#five things” series with the five workouts I’m loving right now.

1. Spinning. A few years ago I got the chance to try spinning and fell in love but could never find the time to fit it in my schedule. I got a sweet birthday gift from BOHO Cycle; a free ride, and I will be taking full advantage of that and setting some time aside in my schedule once a week to ride this summer!

2. Daily Burn. I’ve used this service before and loved it! A few weeks ago they sent me an offer; 50% off my next three months and off course I took advantage of it! For new customers, you get one month free to try it out. They offer a wide variety exercises from beginner to intermediate and everything in between. My personal favorite is Inferno!


3. Running. We are like that couple who breaks up and makes up constantly and after a long break up, we got back together on Monday. I injured myself a few years ago from over doing it, so I am taking my time and getting back into it slowly. When I run, I always use my Nike Plus app because the obsession is real lol. It keeps track of my calories burned, miles ran and my pace per minute.

4. Hot Yoga. I have done yoga in the past and when I was at the height of my fitness kick a few years back I wanted to try hot yoga and hopped over to Bikram Yoga for a session and I have to say, I won’t hating it! I’ve only gone about twice but its something that I want to add to my workout regimen.

5. Cute workout gear. To motivate me to do all of the above workouts, I have to look cute because…..duh! I’ve linked my favorite looks below.

Sneakers|Sports Bra|Running Shorts









14 thoughts on “{No.1} #fivethings|Workouts

  1. Hey! I’ve tried Daily Burn and liked it too but I wasn’t keeping up with it. Now I have the Beach Body app and for $15 I can do all of the Beach Body programs for practically free. I would love to get back with running because it is just the best way to get back in shape quickly. Thanks for sharing your top 5 exercises. I’m going to have to get back into something this summer too!


  2. I just started running and I’m hoping to stick with it. I’ve only taken one spin class, but it was fun. Also, who doesn’t love cute new workouts as motivation. 😊


  3. Love your suggestions for the daily burn and hot yoga. Although sometimes yoga may seem like not an intense workout you really get great results from it.


  4. Thanks for sharing these five ways to workout. I am a big fan of hot yoga too. I love it! Sometimes I do my own 15-20 minute circuit training routine on the beach (push-ups, burpees, lunges, etc.). It feels wonderful to get moving! Best wishes.


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