Lace Trim Racerback Cami// DYI cut-offs (cool options here and here)// old Charles David Pumps (similar here)/

*I cut my shorts using thrifted men’s jeans and watched this video on how cut them how I liked*



I hate my arms.

I am pretty comfortable with other parts of my body but my arms… they’re a real sore spot for me. I want them slim and toned but to me they’re fat and jiggly and it seems like no matter how much attention I give them, they never seem to firm up. Because of my insecurity, whenever I wear a sleeveless tops, I put something over my arms to cover them; now that I think about it I don’t even own a ton of sleeveless tops. I always feel like I’m being starred at when I have one on, like people are looking at me saying, “Please cover your arms lady!”.  While shopping with my friend, I saw this Lace Trim Racerback Cami by The Limited and knew I had to have it, but it was sleeveless and the worse kind, spaghetti strap…..eek! I remember telling her that this would look good over a short sleeve shirt or button down and her giving me this look of “Why the hell would you wear it like that!?” After much internal debate, I decided the price was too good to pass it up and I got it knowing exactly what cover up I would pair with it.

Cut to this past Saturday and I wore this top with a navy blue blazer to run some errands; yes a blazer in 100 degree weather and people did double takes to be sure they saw it correctly. After the fourth “Girl you hot as hell” look and beads of sweat running down my back I said “F*#& this!” and took my blazer off and in that moment I realized everyone has insecurities and it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference. So I’m dealing with mine and doing it in a really pretty top helps!





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