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You just got a Michael Kors watch, a dope handbag or an amazing pair of shoes………quick tell me what is the first thing you do? Most likely you wait for the right light, try to get the perfect angle and snap a photo for IG to share with all your followers. We all do it; as a matter of fact I am waiting for the weather to cooperate with me so I can take a picture of my new J. Crew blue shoes I got a few weeks ago!!

More and more brands are realizing the power of the “social media word of mouth” trend and are looking to real people to help them market their product. West Egg┬áis a new fashion site that has realized this and serves as a middle man between the brand and consumer and rewards YOU for doing what you would do anyway! The idea behind the site is simple, you purchase pieces you love from your favorite brands for up to 80% off the retail price and in return they ask you snap a pic for IG tagging the brand and using the #becomethemodel; it’s a win-win!!

Since we do it anyway, why not get rewarded for it?!?! West Egg has a wide range of brands from Michael Kors to Givenchy, so there is something for everyone!!

For my readers only, West Egg is giving you 10% off your first purchase using the code ‘wearwestegg”, so head over to their site and #becomethemodel!


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This post was sponsored by West Egg but all opinions are my own.

Photo Credit given to West Egg Community Members

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