Diary Post


Dear Diary,

To say this has been busy week for the blog would be an understatement! I have so many cool projects in the works and I’m both excited and nervous about how its all going to come together. When I was heavy into acting, I rarely told people about my auditions. I didn’t want to tell 50 people I landed an audition for this amazing role only to not be chosen for the role; then have to go back to said 50 people and tell them what happened. Same thing with this, have told a few people but I don’t want to announce it yet until I know for a fact its going to happen. I have my fingers and my toes crossed that it all works out and keep yours crossed too!!

Summer camp has come to an end, but classes start so there’s no slowing down in the near future for me. Classes actually started last week but because of work, I was unable to attend; don’t worry I emailed all my teachers and let them know. I’ve been juggling work and school for about an year and half and I’ve gotten a rhythm with making it all work but with blogging moving from a hobby to something more, I have to sit and make some adjustments to fit it all in.

Well that’s it for me. The last few times I’ve spoke to you have been pretty short but soon I will have A TON of things to talk to you about so be prepared! I have class in the morning so I need to find something to wear because I can finally get out of running shorts and tee shirts (insert dancing emoji) lol




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