IMG_2473[1]Dear Diary,

So a few days ago I told my mother, sister and one of my best friends that I had a blog. Up until then, only two people knew. My mother asked why I never told anyone before now and I really didn’t have reason besides the fact I didn’t want anyone to say anything negative. In my past life, I was an actress and I’ve never had a problem performing on stage, in fact I loved it, but the second I knew my family was there, I got kinda nervous of what they would say. They never said anything bad, in fact they are my biggest cheerleaders; and they have cheered for me in about 100 endeavors I’ve journeyed into lol, but I was always nervous. The same thing with this blog, I was nervous of what they would say but as always everyone was supportive. I think my mother binged read the entire blog from the beginning and I know my bestie did, I was on the phone with her while she was reading. My mother even left two comments on my latest post I have yet to respond to….thanks for the nice comments mommy! So again I was worried for nothing and now my secret is out.

So to keep myself on track, I made a ToDo list of the things that I wanted to get done for the week and prayed to the God’s I would get it all done……

  1. Create media kit
  2. Reach out to two bloggers and leave comments on a post or two 
  3. Plan out three flat lay photos for Instagram 
  4. Reach out to two brands for possible collaborations (I reached out to just one)
  5. Prep post for the upcoming week

I am happy to report that I have done everything on my list; well I only reached out to one brand, but everything else is done! I am sitting down today to create this weeks list and I am confident I can get it all done or at least a good portion of it done. I have come to find that blogging is not just creating a post, but its networking with other bloggers, something that I never really did until now, so my weekly goal is to reach out to two bloggers and interact with them. I also joined a group named Small Talk Social. This group is all about helping creative businesses (would not go as far as to call my blog a business yet), grow their social presence on Instagram. Using the hashtag #thegramgang I have been able to connect with other like minded creatives and learn a ton of tips and strategies that have been helping me step my IG game up! I’ve had a ton of engagement; more than ever and I’m slowly learning how to put a feed together that is an accurate representation of the brand I am trying to grow. I highly recommend this tribe to any creative content creators who are looking to improve on this social media platform.

Well that’s it for me; I am cooking dinner as I type this and my son has given me his “I want dinner” face a few times, so I have to go.

Until next time,



Oh, update on the car you ask….well don’t! I could create an entire blog about it featuring my my dad!


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Links à la Mode, June 9

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9 thoughts on “6.5.2016|#DOFB

  1. Congrats on letting your family know about your blog and also on accomplishing all of your goals for this week! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your blog posts.


  2. I understand where you’re coming from about not cluing the family in. Certain members of my family are always analyzing anything I write or post for something negative about them.


    • Yes! And that was my biggest fear. I have a friend that can be very judgmental but when I told her she was excited about. For people who are looking to put you down, they are not living in their dreams and are upset that you are. Just tune them out and keep doing what makes you happy!


  3. Such a brave move! I was just like you during my first year of blogging. I hid it from my classmates and most of the people I knew. Only about 2-4 knew about it. I wasn’t really afraid of their perception, I was more afraid of putting myself out there and promote myself. With time, I developed enough courage to do so, but it wasn’t easy as I am still an introvert and very shy. I am very proud of you for making such a huge step, and I encourage you to keep pushing!! Good luck!!!!


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