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I work in Recreation and when summer time comes around my #ootd are running shorts, t-shirts and sneakers; I mean it’s hard to keep up with a five year old in skinny jeans, a button down and 4 inch heels, but there is one day of the summer I’m allowed to get gussied up and go some place fancy. Five years ago a co-worker and good friend of mine and I were looking for out of the box field trips to take our kids on and saw that a local children’s theater was running a performance of Henny Penny and a light went off. We decided to take our kids there and then out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Tired of wearing my unofficial summer uniform, I suggested we all get dressed up and the trip was born! Over the years the trip has grown from the twenty we took that first go round and its a trip I look forward to for many reasons; seeing how adorable the kids look all dressed up, the look of excitement on their faces while watching a live show for the first time and of course getting out of rec clothes for a day!

The pretty little details:

(sold out style) Banana Republic Geo Lace Peplum Dress//similar style here

Charles David Sway II Leather Pumps

Vintage Bag

Tiffany’s Infinity Bracelet






Black, White and Orange all over

I love the simple elegance of a black and white color story. As you know I’m a fan of things I can just thrown on with very little effort and this fits the bill. The blouse is very chic and has little details that make it very lux. The knit skirt is a piece that I can dress up like seen here or dress down with a pair of white chucks and a t-shirt.  I thrifted both the Ivanka Trump blouse and vintage Salvatore Ferragamo knit skirt for under $10 combined; gotta love a good thrift score!


This coat was not suppose to be apart of this outfit, but it was too cold not to wear one, so it made the cut lol. I’ve had this coat for at least 10 years and its one of my favorite pieces. I’ve said before I’m no fan of coats, but this one gets plenty of wear during the winter months. It was a gift from my aunt who herself wore it circa 1960 or 1970.


 This vintage Salvatore Ferragamo knit skit is everything!



Get the Look:

Trench Coat// vintage

Ivanka Trump Blouse// same style, different pattern linked

Salvatore Ferragamo Knit Skirt// vintage

Banana Republic Heels// different color linked


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The Basics


When I’m at a loss for what to put on, I can always rely on the most classic items in my closet to make a chic look. There is nothing more classic that a white tee, jeans, black blazer and a pair of pumps. Pieces that can be worn together or mixed and matched in my closet are a must for me. I’m typically getting dressed 10 min after I am suppose to leave the house, so I have the things I can grab in a rush and not look like I grabbed them in a rush lol!


I love a good black blazer; add one to any outfit and you instantly have a pulled together look. This one by Ann Taylor cost me $2.50 from the thrift!


My new FAVORITE heels by Banana Republic. I love the cut of these shoes; cool twist on a classic black pump!


I love how effortless it all looks together and how easy it is to dress this look up or dress it down.

What are your favorite classic pieces you keep around?

Get the Look:

Ann Taylor Blazer-NLA// similar styles found here and here

Well Worn Sheer White Tee-NLA//similar styles here, here and here

Banana Republic Heels via Thread Up

Walmart Jeans-DYI and NLA// similar styles here and here

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Photo Cred: KG